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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

YO PPL =D. long time since i updated, yeah.. i finding new blog skin sia... so bored =.= my CA1 scores came! ^^ but is not full ca1 yet still got some haven access.. i'll post it anyway lol
SCIENCE          A1~!!
MATHS             A1~!!
HISTORY         A1~!!
Chinese              B3... D=
Geography         B3...D=
English               B4... super sad D'=

sian arh.. the english summary la so hard =.= i just cant get the points out can. and can you ppl dun change your blog url? quite irritating sia relink relink lol =P yea...

Gratz on my boring life the moment i reach home. com nth to do. no book to read. homework all so lame =.= i wan do like. harder maths..now starting on algebra though FINALLY. and the science i want sth like..chem or physics.. bio so boring =.= and got human value thing inside summore. srsly cant take it la..

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

woots~ one term over.. time past so fast LOL. my blog so plain sia i wan put in some pics but dunno put wad... i ya i put class photo. Wait arh... wad the hell how to put pic.. zzz nvm. anyway. i just started watching code geass, quite nice sio~ LOL. life so sian..  rather go sch then stay at home so nth sia..

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

-to aston teo zhi neng =P

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stupid aston teo zhineng birthday ytd. his birthday no luck one la. i fall down sia now pain like hell wan cry liao. those hu tink i like baby cry over this you go hell. srsly pain la. tmmr got camp sia its so not gonna be fun at all. PPPPPPAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNN... ALL UR FAULT LAR F5... i wan die le=.= let me dieeeee. i duwan feel the pain anymoreeeee...

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lol... monday sia she sms me is for ytd =.= scare me lo dumb =P ssiiiaaannnnnn..... D=...  cant wait for 12 feb haha... GO BACK PRI SCH!!!!!! *(^o^)*
lolllllll... super bored sia.... so boring :O D= =( =P
bored =.= super bored.. dun care liao i go bathe bb =P

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Im back lol? Anyway.. today is soo scary... zhi xin sms me ask me fall in at the guides notice board, and i already reached home=.=... then i call her her phone off.. i aso dunno wad gonna happen now sia... DIE LIAO T.T. Who knew today got meeting? Maybe is not.. aya. I dunno la =.=... siannnnnn.. maple hor now no one on9 liao T.T... so boring D=... srsly wan die of boredom liao =(... CANT WAIT TO 12 FEB ^^ =P.. meeting all of the primary school frens agn... miss them/you guys so much D=... and the teachers too of course =P. LOL i aso dunno wad i toking sia =P i am lame =(...

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yo ppl~ lol. first blog first post. lame rite =P. dun give a dam =P. LOL
walao.. i today use finish tomolo's sms sia... my phone gonna get confiscated T.T... o mannnnnn... my parents are coming home... means.. I. GOT. TO. GO. tat sucks rite? i noe you guys will miss me. ty. lol omg? wad happen to me LOL. ok la.. i go first. i blog dam plain now... i go put a few photos next time ok? =P

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